About Us

Mister Tours & Travel  is an  Australian  owned  travel  agency   was founded in 2003. Our name used to be Kangaroo Travel & Tours but we changed to a new name last March 2010.

Our Company offers the following services:

–        Domestic and international airline ticket reservations

–        Domestic and international hotel reservations

–        Domestic and international tour packages, private or groups

–        Travel Documents: Passports, Visas, Kitas, Birth Certificates

–        Car rentals

Our managing director is an Australian citizen  who has been living in Bandung since  2000, and  his  wife (pictured above)   is  responsible  for the day to day running of the company. Our business is run  more like a western company, for example, we give prompt attention   to our customers and try to anticipate their needs rather than   simply   react to them. Could you imagine booking a plane ticket to a strange country only to find out at the airport you must already have a visa for that country. Mister Holidays will not let you make that mistake!

Most  of   our staff   speak   good English and this  has  helped  us with  a lot of expatriate customers who sometimes  don’t know  how  to  arrange  their travel plans and have difficulty communicating with Indonesian travel agents because of language problems and cultural differences. This is one of the  reasons why this business has continued to grow.

At first we just sold small domestic tours and not that many tickets, but little by little we found out about how to organise international tours. Now international tours are our  bread  and butter and we are sure we can find the right tour for your needs no matter how offbeat your destination.

Initially    we   started  selling   tour packages to some nearby countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. Now  we  sell   tickets   to   all  places in the world from Seattle to Sydney, Bangkok to Britain. Our customer base is now predominately Indonesian. We  have   been  a member  of ASITA  (Indonesian  Travel  Agents Association) since 2003.

Our  Company  has  efficient  professional,  friendly  service   and our business  model   allows   us   to  be one of the cheapest travel agents in Bandung.

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